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Which of the following doctors was influential in the formation of Taoist Medicine Doctrine:


What is the major publication that supports Cold Injury Doctrine?


Zang Fu Doctrine is most closely associated with:


What is the doctrine that deals with diseases due to Injuries by Cold Pathogens?


What defines a classic in TCM?


What is the INCORRECT statement below regarding the formation of Doctrines in TCM?


What is the formation requirement of a TCM Doctrine?


In which era does the formation of TCM Doctrines begin?


Which of the following DOES NOT create a ripe environment for the formation of TCM doctrines?


What are the two main doctrines that begin the TCM doctrine process?


Which one of the following Doctors is associated with the Taoist Medicine Doctrine?


True or False: Experiential Formulations are a central theme of the Fire-Heat Doctrine:


The central theme of Integrative Medicine Doctrine is: