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Liu Wan Su wrote, When there is amenorrhea, first __________.


A Ming Dynasty treatise states that, A man should clear his heart and control sexual desire to:


In regulating menstruation, Old blood that does not discharge is __________:


The Su Wen discussion of anatomy includes:


Su Wen describes Zi Bao as having the function of:


True or False: according to Su Wen, women tend to have Excessive Qi and deficient Blood:


Shen Nong renamed the earlier Zi Bao (Female Womb) as:


Shen Nong stated that Wind Cold attack to Zi Gong can cause:


Discussion of Ten Labors describes the fetal position of:


Zhang, Cong Zheng commonly used emetic and purging methods to:


The treatise, Discussion on Blood Syndromes states that Chong Ren Dai channels are regulated by:


The first major attempt to bridge both Chinese and Western Medicines was in:


The most contemporary and widely used reference book for TCM and Integrative OB Gyn is: